ICT Education

Computer technology is growing at an amazing rate. This growth carries with itself enormous amount of opportunities and advantages to nations, societies and individuals. Computer is now being used in almost all facets of life activities.
Educational boards and institutions are computerizing their activities. Besides, Computer is a very powerful tool in education and academic researches. In manufacturing industries, hospitals, banks, businesses, marketing, communication, entertainment, engineering, management, and in almost every sector of the economy, computer has become an indispensable tool.
As a result, the importance of computer literacy to any individual cannot be over emphasized. It is therefore a keen interest of our school to impart quality and practical knowledge of computer usage to our students through well tailored ICT Education and Empowerment Scheme.

The objectives of this scheme are as follows:

  • To provide our students with quality practical foundational computer knowledge necessary for every individual in the world of today and the future.
  • To teach our students how to access online educational resources for their studies.
  • To teach students how to use educational software programs to solve problems, assignments, and therefore further improve their learning processes.
  • To equip our students with computer skills necessary for their higher educational pursuits.
  • To prepare students who may proceed to study ICT related courses in higher institutions for the task ahead.
  • To prepare our students with foundational ICT skills needed for competency in the labor market after school.